Key Reasons Why Mobility Aids Need to be Adaptable

When you buy a mobility aid – whether it’s a stairlift, wheelchair accessible vehicle or another type of assistance device – you aren’t just buying it for today but for the future as well.

Here Ransome Mobility, who supply straight and curved stairlifts for customers in Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia, outline some of the key reasons why you need to think long-term before you make a purchase, and why Ransome Mobility are the ideal firm to call when you do.


Degenerative Conditions

Many people who use mobility aids have a medical condition that deteriorates over time, such as arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis. However, joint and muscle problems, particularly in the back, knees and hips can simply be an effect of getting older.

In the case of stairlifts, you may need to factor in additional controls such as push-button controls if the person has arthritis and it starts to affect their fingers. In the case of wheelchair access vehicles, you may have to think about swivel seats, which will make getting in and out of the car much easier.


Sometimes Life Does Get Better

It’s also worth noting that sometimes people do get better, for example, after a knee or hip operation, mobility can increase over time, particularly with exercise. In cases like this, it may be worth opting for a rental WAV or stairlift rather than purchasing one outright. Note that Ransome’s stairlift rental in East Anglia is only available for straight stairlifts,  because curved ones have to be custom-built.

And for MS sufferers in particular, you can have good days as well as bad, so may only need to use the stairlift in one direction (usually up). This may affect the number of remote controls you need to have.


There’s Additional People to Think About

In the case of domestic stairlifts, normally, they are designed with just one or two people in mind. But what if you have visitors, or permanent additions to the household (e.g. an elderly relative moving in who also needs to use it), either on a short-term or long-term basis. You then have to think if your stairlift is suitable for their disability as well.

You may also have to factor disabled children into the equation as well. This is because they may have more (or less) difficulty getting up flights of stairs as they get older, and carrying them will no longer be an option because of their size or weight.

Again, it will probably be a good idea to purchase additional remote controls if there are more people to think about.

WAVs, equally, may be driven or used by disabled and able-bodied people, and the numbers change not just over time but on each journey. This may affect the configuration of the seats, the driving position (and individual vehicle adaptations), and how people get in and out.


Weight Changes

Weight can be a major factor in the choice of mobility aid, particularly stairlifts. Most models have a maximum weight limit. For commercial stairlifts, which may have any number of users, it’s best to get one with a higher limit.

However, even with domestic stairlifts, you need to think about visitors again. And  some degenerative conditions mean that people can either put on or lose weight – usually the former, as some conditions mean it can be harder to exercise.


Straight and Curved Stairlifts in Norfolk from Ransome Mobility

Whether you want a straight or curved stairlift, and live in Norfolk, Suffolk or anywhere in East Anglia, call Ransome Mobility on 01473 727263. You can learn more about our selection of stairlifts by clicking here. We also have a number of wheelchair access vehicles for sale or hire.

Whether you want a stairlift, a wheelchair access vehicle or any other mobility aid, at Ransome you’ll get friendly, professional advice on what is best for you, either in the short or the long term. We are not tied to any particular brand, so you can rely on us to be completely impartial.

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