Getting Used to Your WAV

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Driving your WAV for the first time might seem daunting, but you will quickly become confident behind the wheel.Here are some simple pointers to make the whole process of getting used to them much simpler.

As suppliers of nearly new and used wheelchair access vehicles in Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia for more than three decades, Ransome Mobility’s friendly, professional staff are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of disabled motoring. Here we look at some key factors to bear in mind to help familiarise yourself with a wheelchair access vehicle.

Off the Road

It’s helpful to give yourself plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the controls and layout. Make sure you know how to operate items you may only use occasionally like the demisters, hazard warning lights and petrol filler cap.

The driving position will be particularly important, as different people may be at the wheel – whether a wheelchair user, friend, family member or carer. Make sure everyone is happy that they can drive the vehicle comfortably and safely, and that the mirrors can be adjusted to suit everyone.

WAVs may also need to carry wheelchairs and scooter hoists, so make sure these can be loaded and unloaded easily and keep practising until the whole process becomes second nature.

On the Road

It is a good idea to start with shorter trips which you make on a regular basis and build up the mileage gradually as people become more familiar with the vehicle.

Try to give yourself some additional time for any journey at first while you are getting used to the car.

Users should go through the gears gradually, and try a few manoeuvres either on a quiet road or outside your house. This will give you and other drivers a feel for the vehicle’s steering and performance and how much space it needs.

Testing It Out

Any test drive should be comprehensive as possible. Try out all the features of the car after the supplier has demonstrated them. Go on a journey which you make regularly. Will it fit in the disabled parking bays at your local supermarket or doctors’ surgery?

At Ransome Mobility we encourage people to test drive any vehicle they are thinking of buying from us. We will drive the vehicle out to you if you find it difficult to get to our showroom. We also offer a range of vehicles for hire if you want to try out a similar make or model.

Car Adaptations

You might be happy with the car, but there may be a particular aspect you want to alter. Alternatively you may find your requirements change, perhaps because of a medical condition or family circumstances. Ransome Mobility will be happy to talk through any alterations or additions you might want to have. We can also make adaptations to wheelchair vehicles.

We supply a wide range of individual products which can help make driving easier, such as push and pull hand controls, steering wheel balls and knobs, easy release hand brakes and left foot accelerators. Our Carony Drive System enables you to drive the vehicle from your wheelchair.

Ransome Mobility are leading suppliers of nearly new and used WAVs to drivers in Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Follow the link above to find out what vehicles we currently have in stock. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for there, contact us to explain your requirements so we can source your ideal vehicle.

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