Five Key Advantages of Carony Drive and Turnout Systems

At Ransome Mobility, we can supply and install a number of vehicle adaptations to your car, including Carony systems. Here we look at five key advantages of both the Carony Turnout System, which makes it much easier to transfer people from a wheelchair into a car seat, and the Carony Drive System. This is a power wheelchair which allows the user to drive the vehicle without ever leaving the seat. We supply these systems across Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and other parts of East Anglia.

They Are Easy to Use

Both systems are extremely straightforward. The Turnout system just requires a couple of manual operations to move the chair and the passenger from the wheel unit onto the car seat. The wheel unit can then be stored in the car boot.

A ramp or wheelchair lift is needed to get the Drive version inside the vehicle. At this point you need to place it within the Drive LOC system, so that it conforms to ISO crash safety systems.

Small is Beautiful

Ransome Mobility can fit either system into almost any vehicle. The Drive wheelchair has been designed to take up as little space as possible, and can be fitted into small vehicles, such as a Renault Kangoo with a lowered floor. And because it is just 64.5cms wide, it can be used in comparatively confined spaces.

They Can be Used Outside the Vehicle

The wheelchairs used in both the Carony Drive and Turnout systems can both be operated independently of a wheelchair access vehicle. The Drive model is fitted with a joystick and can be manoeuvred in confined spaces. The Turnout system can also be used as a conventional wheelchair and you can add a variety of options to it.

They Needn’t Cost Too Much

Both the Drive and the Turnout systems are available under the Motability Scheme. This means you are eligible to use your higher rate mobility allowance to lease a vehicle with this adaptation fitted. In the case of the Turnout system, this is available at a subsidised rate.

Greater Independence

Both solutions make life a whole lot easier for wheelchair users, relatives and carers, as they remove a lot of the hard, physical work which is needed to transfer someone into their car.

And in the case of the Drive system in particular, it allows the user to enjoy much greater independence, as they will be able to drive themselves to a workplace, school or college, social activity or hobby, without having to rely on public transport or someone else to drive them.

Carony Drive Systems and Turnout Systems from Ransome Mobility

At Ransome Mobility we can fit your vehicle with either a Carony Drive System or a Turnout option, depending on your individual needs.

We can also supply and install many other modifications to your used wheelchair access vehicles, whether you live in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex or elsewhere in East Anglia. Modifications which we can fit include steering wheel balls and twin flip accelerators, plus wheelchair and scooter hoists.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you get on the road, follow this link or call us on 01473 727263.

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