Access Options for your WAV

vehicle wheelchair lifts

When you are choosing a wheelchair access vehicle, one key question to consider is how to get in and out of it as simply as possible.

Ransome Mobility Solutions is a highly experienced supplier of nearly new and used WAV vehicles in East Anglia. We can advise you on what the best method of access to your vehicle will be, ranging from vehicle wheelchair lifts to swivel seats or an integrated solution like the Carony Turnout system.

Lifts and Ramps

Both drivers and passengers may prefer to get into the vehicle without leaving their wheelchair. Some vehicle wheelchair lifts make this possible. The Klearvue K-Series Wheelchair Lifts can carry a load of up to 800lbs (363kg), while the S-Series Clearway is capable of carrying 1,000lbs (454kg). Both of these are available through Ransome Mobility Solutions, and are covered by warranties.

Another method of getting into your WAV while remaining in your wheelchair is by using a ramp, which can be manual or powered. However, ramps can be harder to use than wheelchair lifts as you will have to negotiate a gradient when getting in and out of the vehicle. Staff at Ransome Mobility Solutions can give advice on whether they are suitable for you.

You may find you do not need a lift, ramp or hoist. The Carony Turnout system works for both self-wheeled wheelchairs and those which are pushed. The system comprises a wheel unit and a dockable chair, which the passenger sits in while it is slid into the vehicle. Once the user is inside, the wheel unit can be detached and stored separately.

At Ransome Mobility Solutions, we can also supply the Carony Drive system. This will let you drive your vehicle from a special wheelchair, which can be lowered so the footrests are away from the steering wheel. You will still need to use a ramp or wheelchair lift to get into your WAV.

Swivel Seats and Hoists

An alternative way to get in and out of your WAV is to use swivel seats. These extend the seat outwards towards the door to make it easier to access; in certain cases the seat can be moved so far that it is outside the confines of the vehicle. They can be manually operated or powered automatically and are especially suitable for people with a relatively higher level of mobility.

A hoist can be used to upload a wheelchair so that it can be stored within the vehicle.

We can supply hoists which can carry lightweight scooters and wheelchairs up to 80kg, and more powerful alternatives which can transport powerchairs and scooters weighing up to 200kg.

Vehicle Adaptations

Further adaptations to your WAV may be required to make it suitable for your specific requirements. Our experienced, fully-qualified engineers will be able fit everything to the latest safety standards.

Ransome Mobility Solutions are based in Ipswich, Suffolk, and we supply used WAVs across East Anglia, serving customers in locations including Peterborough, Cambridge and Northampton. We are also an accredited Motability adaptation partner.

If you would like to know more about the full range of vehicle adaptations we can fit to your WAV, then click on the link.

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