Access BDD – Stairlifts

Access BDD are a leading European maker of curved and straight stairlifts and have been in business for over 30 years. As well as stairlifts, Access BDD also provide home lifts and home platform lifts (a stairlift which carries a standing person).

The aim for all Access BDD stairlifts is to allow access to all levels of a household in comfort and safety, while also blending in well with the decor and taking up a minimum of space.

Access BDD’s range includes curved and straight stairlifts. The key models are the Flow and Homeglide which, between them, cater for both straight and curved stairways and a range of other options. Both models are compliant with strict international safety regulations and include a number of safety features as standard such as pressure sensitive edging around the stairlift to detect any obstruction during travel, and a seatbelt.

Ransome Mobility are an authorised Access BDD dealer who can arrange installation of Access BDD stairlift models.

The Homeglide Straight Stairlift

The Homeglide stairlift has been designed with extensive input from ergo-therapists (specialists in the physical design of products), international user focus groups and existing stairlift owners. The result is a straight stairlift which is very sturdy and easy to use.

It has been designed with simplicity in mind, resulting in a stairlift which is extremely easy and quick to install.

The Homeglide straight stairlift runs on an aluminium track and is operated via an easy to use joystick mounted on the left or right arm of the seat, according to customer preference. It runs off its own rechargeable battery and has 2 remote control handsets which allow the chair to be sent up or down the stairs without someone needing to be in the chair to operate it. This is useful for households with multiple users, or for users who do not always use the chair to go up or downstairs.

The Homeglide is also available with a power folding hinge track. This allows the bottom section of track to be folded back via the remote control – an essential feature where the rail causes any type of obstruction, such as to a passageway or a door.

The new Homeglide Extra model has all the features of the Homeglide but with additional feature options and a greater range of colours. It won the Rehacare Design Aware 2008/2009 for its innovation in stairlift design. The design options on the Homeglide Extra are:

  • Linked Footrest: which automatically folds the footrest up when the seat is folded up – saving the user from having to bend down to fold it up manually
  • Curved Armrests: which curve around the front of the body during travel, providing additional security
  • Powered Swivel Seat: which turns the seat into the required position for safely dismounting. This is useful for those who find the manual swivel option difficult
  • Additional Weight Capacity: allowing weights of up to 23 stone (146kg) at a maximum angle of 45 degrees
  • Adjustable Seat Height: There are 4 heights to choose from and a low footrest height of 4 inches, making getting onto the chair as easy as possible
  • 6 Upholstery Colour Options: Cream (standard), Brown, Blue, Green, Grey or Red

The Flow Curved Stairlift

The Flow model is designed for stairways which have one or more curves, such as those with intermediate landings. It is also suitable for straight stairways where the customer desires the chair to turn the corner at top or bottom for any reason. This can help to overcome or minimise obstructions, to make better use of space, or simply for aesthetic reasons.

The Flow can be fitted to very narrow stair widths – as narrow as 60cm (23.5 inches). This is made possible by its Advanced Ride Monitoring System, which power swivels the chair past narrow sections of the staircase.

The Flow runs on a single tubular rail which is just 8cm in diameter and is fitted to the stair treads, rather than the wall, creating a very neat and tidy appearance – this also helps to minimise the space required.

Where the Homeglide would use the folding rail to avoid obstructions at the bottom of a stairway, the Flow uses a completely different, and very neat solution – a dr30 nose rail option, in which the rail turns down to meet the floor. The tubular rail can be custom designed to fit just about any shape of stairway.

Appearance is further enhanced by a large variety of colour options for both rail and seat cover. Rails are available in Grey, White/Grey, Beige/Brown or Brown/Grey. For vinyl seats there is a choice of Red, Grey, Sisal, Blue, Maroon or Green. For upholstered seats choose from Black, Blue, Beige or Red.

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